Pannonhalmi winery

„...I always have plans for at least two hundred years.”
László Babarczi, founder


„The most important thing is the warmth of the family.”
Mrs. Mária Babarczi, founder

Babarczi Vineyard and Winery is a family owned winery currently led by the second generation of the family. The estate is situated in one of the smallest wine regions of Hungary, Pannonhalma wine region in the vicinity of the city of Győr. The vineyards of the region are located at the edge of Kisalföld (’Small Plain’), on the slopes of Sokoró hills, which are considered the last foothills of Bakony mountains.

The Vineyard

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The first steps leading towards founding the estate were made in 1980, when the first vines were planted in the garden of the family house in the town of Győrújbarát.

This garden was 3000 square metres and were planted with Ezerfürtű and Cserszegi Fűszeres. The following four decades were spent with smaller or bigger steps to increase the estate, and as a result now the Babarczi family cultivates 65 hectares.

Our vineyards lie mainly in the communes of Győrújbarát and Tényő, but besides we cultivate 5-5 hectares in Győrszemere and Pannonhalma, in the latter the plantations are in the famous ’Széldomb’ (’Windhill’) vineyard.  

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In 2009 we started an overall plantation renewing process, and as a consequence by now we own more than 40 hectares of newly planted, modern vineyard. The replacement of the vines is still going on in the following years to establish a firm base for the future development of the estate. The „backbone” of the winery consist of the grape varieties Rhine Riesling, Olaszrizling and Müller Thurgau, and these are supplemented by Irsai Olivér, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cserszegi Fűszeres.

We took a great step forward in 2002, when we introduced gentle vinification and reductive technology. This is the year when the new estate centre was established in Győrújbarát, near the city of Győr. According to the legend the main building of this estate centre was built of bricks from the castle of Győr, which was demolished by the Turkish troops. In the newly built estate building finally we have the opportunity to host visitors besides producing wines.

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Our family has joined forces to achieve a goal, and we work hard to reach this goal: to establish a winery which will thrive for generations, a winery that is able to renew from time to time, develops dynamically and can reflect the unique characteristics of the region through the wines made here every year.

Wine tasting

We are inviting our customers to our wine tastings regardless of knowledge of wine: whether you are a „wine geek” or just a beginner, you are welcome at our estate. Our winery tour begins with a general introduction to Pannonhalma wine region, and then our visitors have a chance to learn about reductive vinification technique. Wine tasting takes place in our tasting room, and the duration of the tasting depends on the number of samples, it takes approximately 1.5–3 hours.

The minimum number of participants is 10, and the maximum number is 80. The tasting can be conducted in English or German if requested. The selection of wines can alter depending on the actual sortiment of the winery. ’Pub grub’ and mineral water is served with wines, and we can supply warm dishes as well upon request.

  • Wine tasting with bread spread with lard
  • Wine tasting with farmer’s platter
  • Wine tasting with warm dish


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The team

Babarczi Vineyard is what it is thanks to the following people

Babarczi Laszlo Honlap 553 X 800

László Babarczi

founder, owner
Babarczi Lászlóné 553 X 800 Szürke

Mrs. Mária Babarczi †

founder, owner
Babarczi Zsuzsa 553 X 800

Zsuzsanna Babarczi

winemaker, sales and production manager
Rita3 Honlap 553 X 800

Mrs. Rita Egervári Babarczi

manager of finance and human resources
Ifj Babarczi Laszlo Honlap 553 X 800

László Babarczi junior

Mi 0580R Kollár Tamás Honlapra 553 X 800

Tamás Kollár

cellar master
Kerék Lajos Honlap 553 X 800

Lajos Kerék

cellar works
Furstnall Ferenc Honlap 553 X 800

Ferenc Fürnstall

agricultural machine operator


Please, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, phone or personally at our address.

  • +36 96 456 734
  • +36 70 314 6318
  • Győrújbarát, Óvoda street 33, Hungary

Opening hours:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 12.00–18.00
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: 12.00–18.00
Friday: 12.00–18.00
Saturday: 8.00–12.00
Sunday: closed